The Advantages Of Solar Energy Compared To Other Renewable Energies

There is a big difference between solar power, about wind energy and hydroelectric production energy.

We have a large capacity for wind energy infrastructure. It is possible to produce, on a windy day, approximately 40% of the total energy needed for the entire Spanish territory. More than 23,000 megawatts. But, if it is not windy, energy cannot be produced.

We also have many water reservoirs with the capacity to produce hydroelectric power. It can generate more than 20,000 megawatts. But, this would be as long as they could all work. Apparently, they are not always with water. A drought or needs and rights of irrigation near a reservoir mean that they cannot be put into operation. Therefore, we cannot count on this energy, if the water precipitation and storage conditions are not met, which are required for the waterfalls to produce the energy we need.

However, solar energy, whatever the geographical location where its production plants are located, can be produced every day of the year. Although the sky is cloudy, solar plants can continue to provide energy, although logically with less capacity. It is true that at night they will not produce anything, but it is also true that at night less power is consumed than during the day.

Someone will ask: If so, why has not been developed more, and before, solar energy than wind?

They are the costs of both. In the fight for the reduction of these, although the differential decline has been more significant in recent years in solar energy, even the cost is higher than that of wind energy, although many days does not work due to lack of wind.

I believe that although the cost of solar energy was not lower, the fact of presenting a continuous production over time is a factor to be taken into account, which should be more punctuated in renewable energy auctions carried out by the Government of the Nation.

Murcia is a privileged area for the installation of solar energy for the reasons that everyone knows. The paralysis, which has occurred in recent years has already hit rock bottom. Now the time has come to continue a policy of implementing it. It is everyone’s future.

However, it would be unfair, imperfect and meaningless for the authorities not to admit ‘self-consumption’ and not to implement measures so that citizens who do not have an isolated house, in which these facilities can be placed, will also see a reduction in your electric power receipts.

Things to Consider Before Buying Portable Generators

Portable generators are a great thing to have but buying the best one can be troublesome. Therefore, it’s important to understand your needs as well as expectations before buying the one. It’s quite convenient to have a portable generator in your home to get the power supply during the time of power blackouts. Even having it for outdoor activities and camping is so much fun. There are various portable generators for sale which you can buy as per your need and requirement.


Before purchasing portable generators for sale you need to consider the below things. They will help you in making a better decision.

  • Capacity of fuel tank

It’s essential to know the capacity of the tank as it will determine how long the generator will work or after how much time you need to refuel it. On an average, a simple generator holds 5 gallons for proper functioning and can run for seven hours.

While buying portable generators for sale keep in mind that you are getting maximum power output with the efficient use of the fuel. Depending upon the capacity and the time they will run, the price might vary. You even need to explore the type of fuel which will be used for your portable generator before buying one.

  • Power output

First, analyze your power needs and match the generator output with it. Most portable generators are able to support multiple appliances in your home but may not provide enough power to support all. Therefore it’s important to know the power output of the generator so that you can use it wisely.

  • Weight & portability

Since you will carry it around, you need to check how portable it is. There are few models which might fall in the portable category but might not be easy to carry around. For instance, if you need it for commercial purpose, make sure you buy the one with functional wheels. The lightweight ones which are capable of producing higher power might cost high. Therefore you need to ask your seller about the weight as well as the portability of the generator.

  • Durability

It is a long-term investment to buy a portable generator, therefore, you need to invest in the one which is durable. For example, buy the one which has a solid metal body and has resistance to denting. Remember, denting the outer body will finally result in affecting the inner delicate parts of the generator. It might reduce the efficiency of the generator. Make sure you examine properly while purchasing portable generators for sale. Solar power will be one of the best ways to go with power generators.

  • Maintenance needs

There are various models which need regular care and maintenance which can create a big inconvenience for you. You can’t even ignore it as it will Detroit the operational power of the generator. The alternators with bushes need more maintenance as compared to those which do not have it. Research how often you need to change the oil of the generator.

Keep these and some other things in mind while buying portable generators for sale to get the perfect one.

What Are The Advantages Of Solar Energy And Have Solar Panels At Home? 

It is renewable. We will always have solar energy. For billions of years.

2. It is abundant. The earth receives 120 thousand terawatts of solar radiation, 20 thousand times of power that the energy that is needed in the whole world

3. Friendly with the environment. Properly the sun’s energy does not cause pollution.  

4. Availability around the world. Even in countries of the northern hemisphere, or even near the poles, it is possible to use solar energy.

5. Reduce electricity costs. With the new bi-directional meters, it is possible that if a household produces more energy than it consumes, it can “return” it to the CFE electrical network, with which the user obtains credit in favor.

6. Shared systems. Not all houses or buildings have space to locate dozens or hundreds of solar panels that is why they are creating “community solar gardens” so that people can subscribe to these parks and save electricity.