What Are The Advantages Of Solar Energy And Have Solar Panels At Home? 

It is renewable. We will always have solar energy. For billions of years.

2. It is abundant. The earth receives 120 thousand terawatts of solar radiation, 20 thousand times of power that the energy that is needed in the whole world

3. Friendly with the environment. Properly the sun’s energy does not cause pollution.  

4. Availability around the world. Even in countries of the northern hemisphere, or even near the poles, it is possible to use solar energy.

5. Reduce electricity costs. With the new bi-directional meters, it is possible that if a household produces more energy than it consumes, it can “return” it to the CFE electrical network, with which the user obtains credit in favor.

6. Shared systems. Not all houses or buildings have space to locate dozens or hundreds of solar panels that is why they are creating “community solar gardens” so that people can subscribe to these parks and save electricity.