The Advantages Of Solar Energy Compared To Other Renewable Energies

There is a big difference between solar power, about wind energy and hydroelectric production energy.

We have a large capacity for wind energy infrastructure. It is possible to produce, on a windy day, approximately 40% of the total energy needed for the entire Spanish territory. More than 23,000 megawatts. But, if it is not windy, energy cannot be produced.

We also have many water reservoirs with the capacity to produce hydroelectric power. It can generate more than 20,000 megawatts. But, this would be as long as they could all work. Apparently, they are not always with water. A drought or needs and rights of irrigation near a reservoir mean that they cannot be put into operation. Therefore, we cannot count on this energy, if the water precipitation and storage conditions are not met, which are required for the waterfalls to produce the energy we need.

However, solar energy, whatever the geographical location where its production plants are located, can be produced every day of the year. Although the sky is cloudy, solar plants can continue to provide energy, although logically with less capacity. It is true that at night they will not produce anything, but it is also true that at night less power is consumed than during the day.

Someone will ask: If so, why has not been developed more, and before, solar energy than wind?

They are the costs of both. In the fight for the reduction of these, although the differential decline has been more significant in recent years in solar energy, even the cost is higher than that of wind energy, although many days does not work due to lack of wind.

I believe that although the cost of solar energy was not lower, the fact of presenting a continuous production over time is a factor to be taken into account, which should be more punctuated in renewable energy auctions carried out by the Government of the Nation.

Murcia is a privileged area for the installation of solar energy for the reasons that everyone knows. The paralysis, which has occurred in recent years has already hit rock bottom. Now the time has come to continue a policy of implementing it. It is everyone’s future.

However, it would be unfair, imperfect and meaningless for the authorities not to admit ‘self-consumption’ and not to implement measures so that citizens who do not have an isolated house, in which these facilities can be placed, will also see a reduction in your electric power receipts.